Monday, January 22, 2007

The Morning After

Less than 12 hours after the abortion that was the AFC title game and now I know what it felt like to be a Democrat the morning after George Bush got re-elected. Shock, dismay, anger. Thats whats going through my head.

I'm shocked that an 18 point lead didn't hold up. I'm shocked that the Patriots made the mistakes that you see other teams make against them that they take advantage of time and time again.

Much to my dismay, the Patriots got away from their gameplan offensively AND defensively in the 2nd half and it cost them dearly. I don't understand what they were thinking....and I never will.

I'm angry at Josh McDaniels this morning. Angry at Bill Carrolo and his "phantom" blow to the head on Tully Banta-Cain (You just DON'T make that call at that juncture unless there's a broken nose or blood involved. It was a clear makeup call- and one that wasn't even bad to begin with). But it doesn't change the fact that the Patriots tried to survive last night, rather than going for the jugular.

I'm just angry in general. The next 6 months absolutely suck. I'm not ready for the Red Sox and the rest of the most spoiled athletes in the country (baseball players) who do nothing but bitch and complian for an entire summer of making excuses for why they didn't run out a ground ball. Oh and I can't even stand to put on ESPN for the next two weeks.

Some last second tidbits that I forgot to mention last night:

- Enough killing Reche Caldwell. 1. I don't think the Patriots score on the uncovered play that he dropped, the way they were calling plays on that drive, I think they still settle for a field goal. Caldwell has been a very solid player down the stretch and two drops aren't going to change my opinion of him. Besides, if Brady recognizes that earlier he throws it to him earlier, quicker, etc. That play was bad from the beginning.

- More kudos to Peyton Manning. You stepped up when you needed to and made plays.

Thats all I have to say on the matter. I'm done talking about this game.


Tailgater said...

Nantz and Simms sucked last night. Simms was openly routing for the Colts.

mh said...

i've had arguments with that guy a few times about the sox ownership and how he hates them and i defend them that they are just trying to make money and thus improve the team. after reading this, i concede, you win that guy, this ownership, dr. chuck and larry are a disgrace:

That Guy said...

Thank you for this.