Thursday, December 21, 2006

Celtics Basketball

Took in the Celtics - Warriors game last night and I have a few thoughts.

- How is Mike Dunleavy a highly paid basketball player? The best I could assess last night, he doesn't pound the glass, barely runs the floor, yells at everybody at all times, never pulls a "my bad" when it was clearly "his bad," refuses to follow his shot, and makes horrendous decisions. Oh and he might spend 60% of his time on the court crying to officials. He is more annoying than when he played for Duke - and that's hard to do.

- The Celtics dancers are the best addition to the Boston sports landscape in my lifetime. And that includes 3 Super Bowl championships and the Red Sox winning the World Series. I can't emphasize this enough. I would pay 5 times the face value of a ticket if the dancers danced the entire game and during time-outs the players played.

- The Celtics have nobody that can shoot except for Paul Pierce, and they all know it. I counted at least 4 times that when Delonte West and Rajon Rondo were on the floor together they passed up runners in the lane to pass to the other so they could penetrate and pass on a runner in the lane. It looked like they were running the Globetrotter weave in the middle of the lane. Oh and one of those times the play ended w/ a shot-clock violation after the ball wound up in Pierce's hands and he was quadruple teamed and couldn't get a shot off.

- Doc Rivers isn't even capable enough to get a technical foul when he 1) clearly needs to to light a fire under his teams ass and 2) the Celtics are getting totally jobbed by the officials.

- The guys behind me were talking about what "Damn Yankees" album is the greatest and they talked about songs that "talked to them," and some album that "was worth buying only for the title." That was fun to listen to.

- And the amateurs in front of us spent 10 minutes trying to figure out if Mike Dunleavy was related to Mike Dunleavy the coach. And where he coaches now. I'm not joking. Corporate fans rule.

- Lastly, Rajon Rondo looks like a Somali refugee. His arms and legs are twigs. No offense intended for any Somali refugees who read thatguysportsblog.


bigfin said...

Dude, I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but the comment comparing the dancers to the Pats Dynasty and the Sox World Series is just insane. I mean, seeing Jenna live in person was one thing, but putting the addition of the Celtics Dancers (who I haven't seen yet, but I would assume are fully clothed) ahead of the accomplishments of the Patriots and the Sox is a bit much. And I'm sure you would enjoy your 5x the value of your ticket (which is like $800 for good seats) much more at a stipclub.

That Guy said...

Go there and you will see.

And for you, pay particular attention the tall dame who tends to lead them out of the locker room.

I'm telling you, the celtics girls are amazing.

yes they're clothed, but they're legitimately all 10's with a few 8's mixed in.

rdcharbo said...

I was at that game and it was my first game this year. I agree 100% about the celtics dancers. My jaw dropped when they came out onto the course and I was sad when they left.