Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Scott Boras is Right

The biggest issue surrounding the Boston Red Sox - Daisuke Matsuzaka negotiations appears to be how the Red Sox are interpreting the $51 million they posted to have the rights to talk to Dice-K.

Let me boil it down for you. Scott Boras is 100% right.

This Red Sox ownership could squeeze a dollar out of 15 cents. They don't offer up this amount of money without knowing they would make a return on it sooner than later, and without knowing exactly what their return will be.

When Boras says that the $51 shouldn't be considered a part of his contract, he's right! This money is an opportunity for the Boston Red Sox to expand their footprint internationally, they know what marketing deals are out there in Japan, they know that there is an entire nation of baseball freaks who are only interested in the Mariners and Yankees right now (Ichiro and Matsui).

Boras knows this, and he's sticking to his guns. Good for him - he's 100% right.

Sign him for 6 years, $66 million, Red Sox. And do it now.


Anonymous said...

Boras is right about the $51M not counting towards the contract. That said, Boras claiming his client should be paid as one of the top MLB pitchers is wrong. This guy has never proved anything in MLB and should be paid accordingly.

That Guy said...

Obviously thats posturing...he's asking for 6/66. thats Gil Meche money now (seriously how awful was THAT signing).

Anonymous said...

Theo screwed Boras

bigfin said...

Appartently even Boras the Great can't create leverage when he has absolutely none. DMat was NEVER going to go back to Japan and Boras, knowing this, had to settle for much less than he was asking for. I just love the fact that a lot of the so called media "experts" and "insiders" were telling us that the deal was dead on Sunday and Monday. Good call guys.

Dtrain100 said...

Exactly, where are all the experts on this now? How do I get a job and be completely wrong about something and never get called on it week after week.

Ex. She ESPN's NFL game day crew. jackasses

Anonymous said...

How could you ever say Boras is right. He has only one reason and one reason only that he has stated the 51 mil is not to be considered is becuase he did not get any part of it. Boras is out for himslef and only himself. He does nothing but create further gaps between players and fans. All for his love of the mighty buck!!!!