Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Big Unit Leaving the Big City?

ESPN is reporting that the Arizona Diamondbacks are making a play for Randy Johnson. It is believed that they may need to include a 2nd team, and that may be the San Diego Padres.

As a Red Sox fan, I can't say I am happy with this news. Randy Johnson sucks. He gets tattooed like its his job, and his frame is as fragile as an elderly woman with osteo-perosis. Plus, its clear he never really made the transition to New York and just doesn't seem happy. I mean he got into a fight w/ the New York media on his first day.

The possibility of the Yankees trading for bullpen help from the NL West doesn't concern me, but doesn't the freeing up of Johnson's contract just give them the ultimate green light to go after Zito?

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