Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tom O'Brien to North Carolina State

New England Cable News just reported that sources close to Tom O'Brien say that he has been offered and will accept the job as Head football coach of NC State.

This is a tremendous loss for Boston College, and I don't care what any of their alumni say. Tom O'Brien routinely took top 40 recruiting classes and turned out top 25 teams. More importantly, BC became the destination of choice for stud offensive lineman. They turn out one top lineman a year minimum. If his offensive line coach follows him to NC State, it will be a big big loss.

The anti Coach O'Brien BC fans will realize this is a horrible loss after BC struggles to a 6-6 season next year. They'll be thrilled to wind up in the Mieneke Car Care Bowl soon enough.


bigfin said...

O'Brien is a much better person and recruiter than he is a game day coach.

Grantland Rice said...

HAHAHAHA, FUCK the Superfans and Dana Bible!

Mike said...

maybe they'll play Army next bowl season??

Anonymous said...

BC is now ready to take the next step. Gone are the days of Memphis, Detroit and Boise.

Hellllllllllllo South Beach!