Monday, December 18, 2006

Sunday NFL Recap - Week 15

- First off I'd like to thank the Kansas City Chiefs Defense. I think its difficult for 11 people to have their head wedged up their asses all at once, but the Chiefs managed to do that last night and allow Ladanian Tomlinson an 85 yard touchdown run after they blocked a punt and bone-headedly touched the ball past the line of scrimmage. I would scream at my high school team for that play - is there ANY shock that Herm Edwards looked clueless as to what the call was? Hey Herm, whatever happened to "you win..the game?" You suck pal.

And can the Fantasy owners who have LT please stop fallating themselves? You drafted a guy who is setting records week in and week out...and he's carrying you. I'm going to lose this week in the semi-finals of one of my leagues to a guy who has LT and took Tampa's Defense in the 5th round - as the 2nd defense taken all around. Now you tell me, does he have a clue, or did he just fall ass-backwards into a championship because LT is just unstoppable and the Chargers ensure he gets 2 TD's a game?

- Redskins over Saints in New Orleans, with the Saints playing for home field. How do you figure???

- As mentioned this past week, of course the Patriots are dominant the weekend after Tom Brady not only calls out his teammates for losing focus, but shows them how serious he is by kicking his broad to the curb. Patriots in the Super Bowl, mark it down.

- Did anybody happen to catch the NFL network's coverage after the Dallas-Atlanta game on Saturday night? DeAngelo Hall does his interview where he says TO spit on him, and the NFL Network crew rips TO up one side and down the other. Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders go into how they would have been kicked out of the game for their retaliation to that, its an affront to your manhood, etc.

Go to commercial, who's on the panel - TO himself! And Deion Sanders is buddy buddy with him, as if it never happened. Unreal. Spineless, really.

- Don't look now, but if the Colts don't win tonight, there's a very good defense in Miami staring them in the face in week 17. Wouldn't it be something to see the all-time greatest team on earth (media) as a 4 seed in the playoffs?

- The Jeff Triplett watch found us in San Diego last night - no shock to anybody that there was a confusing call or 5 in the first half. Triplett is so unsure of himself that it looks like he's cold even when he's in a warm climate. He fascinates me.

- Tim Rattay and Ike Hilliard carved up the Bears Defense in crunch-time yesterday, and I'm supposed to believe the Bears (or anybody in the NFC) will give the AFC entry in the Super Bowl a game of it? Please.

- Heading into tonight's "fantasy game of the week" between the Colts and Bengals, ThatGuy needs this to win both of his semi finals: 200 yards and 3 TD's from Chad Johnson, 100 yards and 1 TD from TJ Houshmandzadeh, 100 yards and 2TD's from Ben Utecht, and 100 yards and 1 TD from Joseph Addai OR Dominick Rhodes (Oh and we need one of those two to get hit by a bus on the way into the stadium so they don't split carries tonight).

Needless to say, it doesn't look good.


bigfin said...

Wait, the Colts have lost a football game this year? More than one you say? Manning may not win the MVP award?

Scott said...

i hate how triplette wears his hat.