Saturday, December 16, 2006

Check Bryant Gumbel's Pulse

Refer back to this mornings entry where I bitch about Bryant Gumbel announcing at least once a week on the NFL Network.

Demarcus Ware just made one of the most athletic plays I've seen this year and Gumbel acted as if he just made a routine tackle 10 yards down field.

Compounding things is the fact that Dick Vermeil apparently lost his voice last night so he's completely useless as well. It took them 3 replays before Gumbel opined "that was a great play by Ware."

Memo to Bryant Gumbel, you're not on your wannabe 60 minutes Real Sports one hour show. Ask Gus Johnson, its OK to be animated as a play by play announcer. The dude just made a SICK play and converted it to a touchdown, its OK to get excited. Clearly Gumbel doesn't have Dallas -4 right now. Where's the degenerate Al Michaels when you need him.

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