Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Isiah Thomas is Awful

I've waited a couple days to post about the brawl between the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks brawl from Saturday night because it was something I didn't really feel strongly about until now.

George Karl absolutely went off on comments Thomas made to him during and after the melee yesterday.

I have to say, I think Thomas is way off base on this one. Of course, that makes sense as he also told people that the only reason Larry Bird was considered "good" was because he was white. It begs the question, just what does he have to do to be known simply as not a good guy? I mean that much is clear, no? He is absolutely ruining one of the marquee franchises in the NBA after already botching an extremely talented Indiana Pacers team and winning nothing with them. Whenever the Celtics drew a Thomas coached Pacers team in the playoffs, you automatically gave them between 1-2 games just on coaching alone...and its not as if the Celtics had Red on the bench at the time either.

Now Thomas reached a new low. Memo to Isiah: Being up 19 points isn't really a blowout in the "everybody makes a run" NBA. You and your team may suck, but you do have talented shooters who are able to go on a quick streak, and with the...shall we say....potential officiating "bias" towards all things New York, it wouldn't be a stretch for that 19 point lead to be 12 in about a minute.

Of course, Thomas is merely hinting that this would have something to do with the brawl - for my money....Isiah Thomas ordered the hard-foul and incited his team by doing so.

Pitiful....of course, Isiah is a beloved ambassador to the game so it shouldn't surprise anybody that he wasn't disciplined for it. And working in New York doesn't hurt either.

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