Thursday, December 21, 2006

College Bowl Season: Daily Picks

The Pioneer Purevision Las Vegas Bowl between BYU (-3) and Oregon (62.5). One thing is for sure, this game will be way more entertaining than Minnesota/Green Bay tonight.

Oregon has yet to settle on a starting quarterback and are instead leaning towards splitting time between Dennis Dixon and Brady Leaf, which we all know always works out well (please read sarcasm).

BYU is legitimately good, have a pretty good pass defense, and they have a very talented Quarterback. Add that to the potential "chip on the shoulder" mentality of them playing a seemingly superior Pac-10 school, and I like the Mormons to cover in Sin city tonight.

Last year they travelled well to Vegas, and this year the word on the street is that they're even better then before.

BYU -3 is the pick, gun to head on the total, under 62.5

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