Friday, December 22, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Players Rape Charges Dropped

From the "couldn't see this coming" department, the charges against 3 Duke Lacrosse players were dropped today. Shocker.

Look, as far as I'm concerned this case was over with after the 60 Minutes special on it on CBS. For starters, it was a CBS piece that didn't provide a single "in favor of the victim" part of the story. Not a SINGLE one. Nothing. Not a "this part makes sense" or an "alibi doesn't check out," but one piece after another of evidence supporting innocence.

They repeatedly talked about how the DA used this case as a way to get re-elected. Its amazing to me how long it took the charges to be dropped. Take a look at this piece of the story today:

In dropping the rape charges, Nifong filed court papers that said the
accuser told an investigator Thursday that she is no longer certain whether
was penetrated vaginally with the men's penises, as she had claimed
Nifong previously said he would rely on the woman's account because
of a lack of
DNA evidence against the players.

So there was no DNA, the girl is an open full fledged prostitute, and they're relying on her WORD as evidence in this case. Do the math fellas, this case isn't going to fly.

If I was a taxpayer in Durham, NC I would be livid that they're even going through the sexual assault and kidnapping charges.

I just wish they'd stop calling her a stripper. Stripper minus bouncer equals hooker.

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