Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday News and Notes: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of my readers.

Hopefully you followed me last night and not yesterday during the day. We finished with a 2-4 record for NFL picks, gun to head was much better as it truly was a doggie dog day.

In college, however, another 2-0 with Hawaii and the Under coming in. That gives us a record of 6-1 against the spread, and another 6-1 against the over/under. No college games today.

Some news and notes from yesterday before the Mrs. gets upset with me blogging on Christmas morning.

- Phil Sims is starting to suck. Yesterday during the Cincy-Denver game, he made a statement that once again John Lynch is having a pro-bowl season. Look, John Lynch is IN the pro-bowl. But by no means is he having a pro-bowl season. Some numbers: Zero INT's, 5 passes defended, and 46 solo tackles. in 15 games. You could point to nickel-backs who have the same numbers as Lynch. Love the mark the guy is going to leave on the game of football when he retires, but if anybody thinks he is deserving to go to the Pro-bowl this year, he's out of his mind.

- Charley Casserly already does suck. Look, we get it Charley. You are an "insider." You talk to people. But can you get more of an intro on CBS pregame? Please? Every thing he talked about yesterday started off with: "I talked to ...." 8 for 8. 8 pieces of news, 8 "I talked to." we get it. We obviously don't think you're just making things up. But can a writer on CBS maybe try to work with him on this? I'd even take a "My sources tell me"

- Colt Brennan set the single season NCAA passing TD record last night, and we couldn't be happier. Because Hawaii covered.

- Looking ahead to the NFL playoffs, Miami could be a huge friend for our beloved Patriots. If the Patriots beat Tennessee and Miami knocks off Indianapolis (and believe me, they could), the Patriots will slide into the #3 seed, avoiding San Diego until the AFC title game, and hopefully avoiding Denver in the Wild-card round. I think Denver home vs San Diego is a lock, and I'd like to avoid Denver if possible. Just bad karma going on there.

- About the Colts, if the headline of this story on doesn't sum up Peyton Mannings career, I don't know what will: "Colts can't clinch bye despite Peyton's last record." You can't make this stuff up.

Again, Merry Christmas and I'll be back tomorrow.

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