Sunday, December 31, 2006


After an 0-3 Saturday, we're sitting smack dab at 10-10 on the Bowl Season. 8-1 start, which means a 2-9 finish.

Wow. Thats bad.

I think thats what's known as a "streak" shooter. Pat Bradley-esque.

Anyway, one college game today. The Smurf Turf bowl in Boise. THE U vs Nevada. Flip a coin, this game sucks. Of course, I'll watch it because its only competition is what will certainly be the Brett Favre love fest on NBC. Spare me.

Miami -3.5 tonight. Why not? No idea. I mean its Nevada. They can't beat Miami, can they?

(bear in mind 2-9 as of late). We're still taking the U.

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