Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bob Davie to Boston College?

Today's Boston Globe has the following:

One name that immediately surfaced is former Notre Dame coach Bob Davie,
whom DeFilippo coached as a player at Youngstown State. Davie would make a
splashy first hire for DeFilippo, but it would likely come at a price far
than the salary O'Brien reportedly earned.

I really hope the BC fans who were calling for Tom O'Brien's head get what they wished for. Bob Davie single handedly ruined Notre Dame (To this day they haven't won a bowl game in like forever, and they can't even beat a ranked team nowadays). Next year with Virginia Tech improving, Wake Forest still solid, Florida State improved, etc. my money is on BC barely qualifying for a bowl game.

Good luck recruiting when its cold as shit and you don't have a coach.

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Anonymous said...

Wake is going to suck next season. Yes, the QB is back but they lose 19 seniors who play regularly