Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday NFL Recap

The Patriots royally screwed themselves today by getting trounced by Miami. To say this was a bad game is an understatement. Tom Brady was once again dominated by the Dolphins, and his offensive line looked like they were a freshman team playing against the varsity. Stephen Neal and Matt Light looked dreadful, and Dan Koppen made more mistakes than he normally does by a lot. It was a miserable game to watch, to say the least.

And the announcers didn't help either. I understand Dick Enberg may be 100 years old, and really "gets up" for Wimbleton, but today was horrendous. He has to hang'em up.

I think its clear that as of today the Patriots are a pretender not a contender. It'll be just like last a home playoff game and go on the road for what will be a very tall order.

Around the rest of the NFL, I think the Chargers are more than a little bit legit. This had all the makings of a typical Schottenheimer choke job after Denver cut the lead to 8 points. Instead, the Chargers took a shot deep and got the momentum back. I think its clear that Schottenheimer was apprehensive to let Drew Brees loose last year, as I think he knew how banged up his shoulder was. Oh and Ladanian Tomlinson is kind of good.

I heard a rumor that Bill Polian is going to ask the NFL to outlaw blocking by Offensive Line's on running plays. Seeing as how he had to change the NFL rules for pass defense just to have a shot at winning, clearly he has to complain about something for the NFL to change because his team is embarrassing against the run. Indy has become the #1 "start your fantasy RB against them" team in the league. Legitimate Superbowl Contenders NEVER fall into that category. They're pitiful against the run without Bob Sanders. With him, they're just bad against it.

I have to think all fantasy players with Carson Palmer who are already eliminated from the playoffs are incensed at the late season surge that they Bengals are having. Rudi Johnson as well. Although my trade of Rudi Johnson for Clinton Portis after week 5 is just a complete and total failure at this point.

I think the AFC title picture will wind up with the Chargers and Baltimore with the bye's, Indy falling to the 3 seed, Patriots at 4, Cincinatti at 5, and the Jets will slide in at 6.

I'll end today's recap with another example of Ron Borges of the Boston Globe being Ron Borges of the Boston Globe. a.k.a. a super douche bag. Credit Bruce Allen's Boston Sports Media Watch .

Exchange on FSN's Four Downs with Felger last night.

Michael Felger:
(Talking about the many coaches that are rumored to have their jobs in danger)
Do we have to worry about Bill Belichick on any of these lists?

Ron Borges:
Yeah. I think, I mean, he has been connected several times with people I know to
Houston, that they may do something there. They're getting tired of losing, they
brought in a new coach, they're losing again, and you know, there's tons of
money there...

Felger: Bill Belichick in Houston - are you serious?

Borges: Well, with a dynamic personality like that he'd fit right in with a
cowboy hat and everything.

Then Felger recapped what he knows about
Belichick's contract status, that three years ago the Patriots said he had been
extended two years and that according to those calculations, this was the last
year of his contract. Sounds to me like Borges is "throwing it out there" and
trying to stir things up once again. The shot at Belichick's personality when
Felger questioned if he was serious seems to confirm that.

At some point Borges is going to get bit in the ass for this crap. I just wish he had the backbone to say what his beef is with Bill Belichick, but he clearly doesn't.

I was going to finish with that, but I had to comment that I was very impressed with the "traveling" ability of Saints fans during this Saints/Cowboys game. But then I realized that they didn't travel to Dallas to watch the Saints, they probably relocated there after Katrina. Shocker that Al Michaels and John Madden haven't picked up on that fact. They think they traveled there.

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