Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rodriguez to Alabama?

ESPN.COM is reporting that there are many reports that Rich Rodriguez is talking to Alabama regarding their head coaching vacancy.

As an Alabama die hard, I really can't tell you how happy this makes me. Alabama has the athletes to run the WVU offense, and will only recruit more and more athletes with that system in place. He can recruit the shit out of the South, and he's a hard-nosed coach who won't run ISO for the first fucking play every week with Kenneth Darby so he runs into the back of his offensive line that got no push because the defense knew ISO was coming because they run it to start EVERY game (not that I'm bitter about this).

I also don't think he'd choose to run the same fucking ISO play 3 times in the Arkansas game in the first OT after you threw the ball all over the field to end the 2nd half, only to have a walk-on redshirt freshman kicker miss a game winning field goal (shocker). Again, not that I'm bitter.

Pay Rodriguez any amount that will get him there....College football is better with Alabama as a factor.



Anonymous said...

Rich Rod is a WVU grad, he's not going to Bama. Good luck with Mark Whipple or some other second rate NFL asst.

scott said...

i am a huge fan of the SEC offenses. i love the arkansas attack...you never know who has the ball, who's going to throw it etc. obviously, the gators 2-headed QB attack - also fun.

the sec is awesome. im going to miss having something important on my tv at 3:30 every saturday. you can always count on a huge SEC game.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, how about Tom O'Brien going to Bama???