Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ryan Leaf Loves Practice

I hope you watched the BYU-Oregon game tonight. Ryan Leaf may have said one of the most ironic, quietly hilarious things of all time. In the booth talking about his life, trials and tribulations, and of course his brother the Oregon 1/2 QB, Bob Davie brings up how his brother is more known to play well in games, but not so much in practice. Where I come from, thats known as a "gamer" and in fact, somebody you'd probably rather have as your quarterback than the opposite.

Without skipping a beat, Ryan Leaf points how how much he loved practice, for "the competition."

If that doesn't sum up why Ryan Leaf is one of the biggest busts of alltime, I don't know what does. Can't you see Ryan Leaf on a Sunday night in San Diego, perfectly content with losing that afternoon, gearing up to shred the scout team the next day and talk trash?

You seriously can't make this stuff up.
The file name of that picture was "leafconfused." That's hilarious too.

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