Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekend Notes: Rodriguez to Stay at West Vriginia

Not such a great morning for Crimson Tide fans. Rich Rodriguez has decided to stay at West Virginia. Apparently they matched his offer with Alabama and obviously as a WVU graduate, he's opting to live in shittsville, USA in Morgantown. F him, I hope they get destroyed in their bowl game.

Other news and notes from the sports world:

The Red Sox are apparently out of the Eric Gagne sweepstakes.

This begs the question, how the fuck do you have a sweepstakes for a pitcher who clearly took steroids like they were penny candy and obviously broke down because of it? I mean was there any great sweepstakes for this guy? Honestly?

The Sox still don't have a single improved arm in the bullpen for next year, and after moving Paplebon to the rotation, I see a lot of blown leads in Red Sox Nation's future (ps. if you have one of those Red Sox Nation cards, kill yourself).

Allen Iverson is asking for a trade. The NBA sucks but of course, but That Guy is still going to comment on it. I think if the Celtics traded for him they'd become at least an option for viewing during the night. Right now they're not even on the radar screen. Admittedly I have no idea what they need o trade to get him, just that they should.

I couldn't give a rats ass if Muhammad Ali invented rap, and I don't know why ESPN does.

Have a nice weekend.

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