Monday, December 25, 2006

Jack Del Rio, and the Jacksonville Jaguars, SHUT UP

Nothing is more annoying than a second rate team, in a second rate city, complaining about a football game and officiating. Check out the Jacksonville press clippings from yesterday.

"When I saw the replay, I had hope because his arm was moving forward,'' Jaguars
coach Jack Del Rio said. "The arm is moving forward, and the ball (was) knocked
out, and that by definition is an incomplete pass. It wasn't ruled that way.
"I don't know that I can do any better job of explaining it. I know what I
saw on replay, and I had hope. It just wasn't ruled that way, so what you have
to do is deal with it and move on.''

Ok, that's something I can sort of agree with. It was a borderline call that I did think would get reversed - but you don't actually think, Jack Del Rio, that you were going to eventually score on that drive, do you? Please. You were toyed with yesterday. You scored on a fluke long run from the second coming of Christ (go ahead and ask Dan Dierdorf, he anointed him as the second coming yesterday during his Maurice Jones-Drew person of the year campaign that got in the way of his announcing the game yesterday) because the Patriots thought he was down, as did half the officials.

You scored a meaningless touchdown against a prevent defense that allowed you to score. Stop bitching about that one play - you weren't going to score to win the game.

And this is even more pitiful:

Del Rio also was unhappy about a challenge he lost in the third quarter, when
the officials ruled that New England's David Thomas made a 22-yard touchdown
catch. Del Rio had time to consider his decision to challenge because safety
Deon Grant injured his hamstring on the play, giving Del Rio time to check the
"The ball hit the ground, and it moved,'' Del Rio said. "I saw it
on the screen and verified it because we had an injured player, so I had several
looks at it.
"Maybe I'm looking from an angle full of hope. I don't know.
It's clearly not an unbiased view, but we didn't get either of those calls, and
in a close game like that, that didn't help, that's for sure.''

Hey Jack, that ball stuck on his arm the entire time, and it didn't move. You're desperate. You're a joke. Go swing an ax in the locker room.

The Patriots may have just ended your season. Again.

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