Monday, December 04, 2006

Florida and the BCS

Thank the lord the BCS did the right thing and put Florida into the National Championship game. Now I'm not saying the BCS "did its job" because Michigan has a gripe and anything short of a 4 team playoff isn't ok in my book, but the reality of the situation is that Florida deserves to play for the national championship.

Going 11-1 in the SEC and winning the SEC championship game is an impressive feat. Some may say that the SEC is overrated, but I believe just the opposite. The SEC is deep...and that depth makes it the toughest conference in the country.

Teams like Michigan, Ohio Sate, and Notre Dame play such a weak schedule, they can afford to come out flat every now and then. Against Army, Notre Dame was down 3-0 after the 1st quarter. Against a 2-7 Northwestern (A team that lost to 1AA New Hampshire) Michigan only held a 7-0 lead after 1, and a 10-0 lead at the half. If they were playing a middle of the road team from the SEC, that inability to get off to a good start puts them down at the half - and they're not coming back from that. Michigan received the benefit of playing in a horrendous conference, and only had to play 1 legitimate team this year (Ohio State) and 2 top 15 teams (Wisc./ND).

If Michigan plays the schedule that Florida did, they lose a minimum of 2 games. MINIMUM.

Go Gators.

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