Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hopefully you Layed the Points(ettia)

Nice win agains the man last night with TCU never leaving a doubt agains the Huskies of Northern Illinois. I seriously feel bad for Garrett Wolfe after last night. Cleary he is a very talented running back, and I do think he could play the Brian Westbrook role very well at the next level, but last night's game looked like a scout team against the starters, only they made the star running back play for the scout team so that he could "give a good look" to the Defense.

It even reached the comedic point of Northern Illinois "trying a little too hard" like the Rudy types you used to want to kick the crap out of in football practice (que comments relating me to "Rudy").

Still a great win on both the line, and the total. YTD Line: 1-0 YTD O/U: 1-0

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