Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is Billy Hunter Serious?

A day after suspensions were handed down from NBA Commissioner David Stern for the incident at MSG the other night, NBA Players Union President Billy Hunter isn't happy about it.

"There's no justification for the 15 games other than the fact that the commissioner clearly wants to send a message."

Ummmmm ok....and? Let me set you straight Billy: Would sending a message be a bad thing? Two years ago you had a full fledged brawl get 10 rows in the stands, and last weekend another fight reached the crowd. Look, your players are clearly not getting it. Even a sport that condones fighting (hockey), has rules that prevent a 3rd man from getting involved. And they have these pieces of fiberglass that prevent the fight from actually spilling into the crowd.

Do you think for a second that if Carmello Anthony suckered Collins at half court and they just piled on top of each other that there would be that much of a suspension? Of course not. But he basically suckered the guy on top of the first row, then Nate Robinson gets tackled into the 4th row and all hell breaks loose.

So go ahead and contest the suspension Billy - get it reduced by an arbitrator, and wait another year, two years, for it to happen again. Only this next time, when a 9 year old kid gets one between the eyes and gets put in the hospital, I hope you can be found liable as well.


Anonymous said...

He has to represent the players because they pay his salary. Even if the union doesn't agree, they work for the players....also Hunter is a Cuse grad and we all stick together.

That Guy said...

I hear what you're saying, but I think he could choose some different words. Just say its harsh - give us some frame of reference to show us how harsh it is.