Monday, December 11, 2006

Boston Red Sox Organization Fails Again

Today's Boston Herald is reporting that talks between the Boston Red Sox and Daisuke Matsuzaka have all but ended after a weekend that was extremely unproductive.

This organization is completely unwilling to go the degree required to win a World Series. They fell ass-backwards into a World Series championship in 2004, and have milked their fans ever since. Prices are escalating, and the on field product gets worse by the year.

They tried to pull the wool over their fan's eyes by "promising" $51 million for the posting fee to talk to Matsuzaka, knowing they would owe nothing if a contract was not hammered out. Hell, I could've done the same thing. I'll pay $60 million for the rights to talk to Dice-K, knowing if I can't get a deal done with Scott Boras I'll owe nothing.

The bottom line is that this team isn't much better than it was last year, and its a lot worse in some areas. They signed Julio Lugo and his defensive shortcomings to replace the offensive shortcomings of Alex Gonzalez. Lugo's career average is .277 versus Gonzalez' career average of .246. If you assume the average season has 500 at bats, the Red Sox just paid an additional $6 million for 15 extra hits. Oh, and a lot less defense.

I wonder if signing Gonzalez instead of Lugo could've free'd up some money to pay Matsuzaka what Boras is asking for.

And who's in the bullpen?

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