Monday, December 11, 2006

Saints - Chargers Superbowl?

I know its difficult to continue to anoint the latest and greatest NFC team as the second coming of the '85 Bears, but last night's win against Dallas in Dallas was very impressive. But I ask the question, what was up with the onside kick? I mean clearly Dallas was not stopping the Saints - did Parcells piss in Sean Payton's cereal last year repeatedly?

Talk about a kick in the teeth, I loved it.

The Saints look extremely tough to stop at this point. They have a phenomenal offense, and a defense with just enough veterans to make plays when they need to. Marques Colston is an absolute stud, and look what happened in the last couple weeks, Reggie Bush found the end zone. Clearly its one of those "the game is starting to slow down" moments for him. 2 straight breakout games, and last night on that swing pass that he took for 60 yards, there was NFL speed, and there was his speed last night. Reggie Bush is making a lot of his doubters believers right now (including me).

The NFL loves stories, and there would be none better than the return of the Saints, marching into the Superbowl.

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