Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Prelude to a Championship

Forget the Michigan or Florida controversy this year, I'm going to tell you the biggest travesty in college football this year right now. After LSU wipes the field with Notre Dame on January 3rd there will only be one more game to be played. The big daddy, the national title game, the one for all the marbl......wait, what are you saying? Oh...wait, there are two games in between the Sugar Bowl and the BCS championship game? Wow thats great! I mean, after LSU/ND I'm sure the two games before the championship game will be phenomenal. Maybe two more BCS type match-ups?

Not quite.

After arguably the 2nd most anticipated BCS bowl game, during the week of hype leading up to the BCS title game, we have the juggernaut Bearcats of Cincinnati versus the upstart Western Michigan in the innaugural International Bowl. Wow. That's bad. The game is in Toronto in early January. The average high in Toronto in January is below freezing. The average low is almost single digits. Now that makes one hell of a bowl week for a football team.

Next up, before the big one, the GMAC bowl. Now played on January 7th (I think last year it was on December 7th). This one matches Ohio University and Southern Miss. I wish I were making this up. This one is in the metropolis of Mobile, Alabama. At least you don't need a survival suit to go outside for this one.

Just think, you're in the top 5 of your college bowl pool after New Years Day....hang tough through the Orange Bowl, let one slip during the Sugar Bowl.....and your hopes are on Ohio U and Western Michigan. Think about that for a second.

That's terrible.


scott said...

it's just two more reasons to gamble. also i assume they play indoors in toronto.

regardless, obviously the whole bowl system is a nightmare and this doesnt help

That Guy said...

Yeah but you still have to actually get to the stadium. Go to bars, go to dinner, etc. It has to suck up there - there's no way it doesn't.

They're playing at the Rogers Center, don't they have old school turf there? Thats another horrendous aspect to it.

I just can't believe I have to put thought into whether the Bearcats will knock off WMU.

Mike said...

just take the overs!!!