Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Are the Indianapolis Colts Serious?

It was mentioned over at the message board during the Monday Night Football game against Cincinnati that somebody noticed an "AFC Finalist" banner flying at the RCA Dome.

While I didn't doubt for a second that it could be true, I still had a hard time believing that a professional franchise was promoting losing in a Conference championship game. Its one thing if you put up a banner for AFC Central Champions or something like that - I get that and I suppose its ok. But "AFC Finalist?"

Do you think Peyton Manning points to it during pregame, or talks about it when he meets the rookies just drafted by the Colts. "See that there banner, that's what its all about. Getting to the AFC title game. One of these days, I tell you, I'm going to win that game. Once we change more rules to suit us, like getting rid of being able to run the football, that title is ours."

I mean that banner is pathetic, no? And I know this particular banner is old, but they obviously continue to put it up - because quite frankly, they don't have anything else to put up.

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