Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another one Bikes the Dust

There's one story that you'll soon learn is near and dear to my heart. Its something that I feel as strongly about as any sports argument in America. Its not Yankees vs Red Sox, Baseball vs Football, Bill Polian vs the NFL rulebook, its American cycling.

No, I'm not joking.

I love cycling fans. I really do. They're 100% convinced that their sport is some unreal test of endurance, athleticism, and skill. Remember when Lance Armstrong had lungs that were genetically larger than anybody else's and thus could provide him with the boost of energy un-thought-of on earth until Lance started competing? Only now its just that he was on steroids like Floyd Landis.

Well, another cyclist just got pinched. Apparently Tammy Thomas (porn star, or cyclist - anybody's guess) was obstructing justice in a steroid probe.

This just proves my point. Cycling is just bike riding for anabolic bodybuilders. Can we stop all of this "best athlete in the world" nonsense? If I quit my job, went on the juice, got paid to ride a bike, I'd be winning "Tour 'de Huffy" races all over the world too.


Scott said...

another one "bikes" the dust. pretty clever.

Dtrain100 said...

how can a rabid football fan look down on any athlete that gets caught using steroids. More steroids go through the veins of NFLers than at all the horse and gray hound tracks in the US combined.

The NFL logo should change to a hyperdermic needle.

That Guy said...

Because nobody claims otherwise. Sure its done everywehre, but literally EVERYWHERE.

plus, you don't hear football fans talk about their athletes as if they're freakishly insanely good.

I laugh at the Armstrong fans who were talking about his biological makeup. hahahahaha

Pay me to ride a bike an shoot myself up and I could be Lance.