Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kirk Herbstreit and Nebraska - Wow

Note to self: If you ever meet ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit, don't tell him that your buddy "bigfin" is a Nebraska fan.
This video is hilarious. Look at the other host's faces as he goes on and on. You think he stopped but he keeps going.

Credit to my buddy shoota for sending this in.


bigfin said...

That is AWESOME!!

For the record, I do like Herbstreit as an analyst and commentator, but it is very hard to argue against the '95 Husker team being the best of all time. Outscored opponents 638 to 174. Closest game all year was a two touchdown victory. Think of the run that Pete Carroll and Southern Cal have been on the past 5 seasons and how dominant they have really been...record of 58-6 over that span. The Huskers went 60-3 over 5 years in the 90s. That is silly.

TG, I can't wait till for the Nebraska-Alabama National Championship in two years.

That Guy said...

Does their record in the 90's have anything to do w/ you being a fan of them in the 90's?

and now you being a fan of ND in the 2000's?

bigfin said...