Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Arena Ready for Some Football???

Apparently ESPN just bought a stake in the Arena Football League.

You know what this means. PROMOTIONS!!!!

What a nightmare. I can see it now next week and the week after on Monday Night Football, John Bon Jovi to talk about the Philadelphia Storm; Joe Avezano if he still has a stake in the Dallas Arena franchise; and maybe John Grudens overweight brother (who hung on to his athletic achievements a little too long to be a QB in the Tampa franchise if I remember correctly) will all be trucked in and out of the Monday Night Football booth to promote "who will be the next Kurt Warner" nonsense.

Spare me.

The Arena League isn't even watchable for the most die-hard football fans on the planet (yours truly). Add Stu Scott to the equation and I'll want to slit my wrists.


Anonymous said...

Just as I read this I heard Jon Bon Jovi is coming on Mike and Mike this morning.

That Guy said...

Its guaranteed. We're going to be bombarded with Arena football on ESPN now. hell.