Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Peter King Report, Week 16

Peter King once again astounded me with his "fine 15" this week. Aside from San Diego and Baltimore, nothing that he types makes any sense. New Orleans isn't even the best team in the NFC, yet he's got them at #3 overall. Because they beat a horrendous New York Giants team that is reeling with a very very very bad Quarterback (Eli Manning) right now.

Nowhere did I see any highlights of the Saints Defense. In fact, I would argue that if Manning didn't suck as bad as he did, the Giants would've been able to score some points on Sunday. Eli Manning wasn't throwing off of his back foot because he had to, it was because he legitimately throws off his back foot 90% of the time. He sucks and he stinks and he sucks.

Anyways, I'm not ready to act like the Saints are all that just yet. They got shredded last week by the Redskins at home.

Last week he points out that the Patriots should be concerned that they didn't have much offense against the Texans (nor did they need any), but now he says nobody wants to play them with them on the road. Interesting.

If you want a solid weekly rankings article, check out Cold Hard Football Facts Dominant Dozen and Tepid Twenty. What do you know...the guys at CHFF actually show what teams were ranked LAST week! And some history of who teams beat in prior weeks. Amazing stuff. Not juggling things week in and week out just to make yourself sound like an insider.

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