Thursday, December 07, 2006

To the Red Sox: Sign Daisuke Matsuzaka

There are increasing reports that both sides in the Daisuke Matsuzaka - Boston Red Sox negotiations are feeling quite skeptical with regards to consummating a deal between the two parties.

To the Boston Red Sox, as the great Teddy KGB said, "pay that man, his money."

You can't bid $51 million to talk to the guy then act like you can't afford an extra couple million dollars for his salary. They obviously think he's the real deal, and they clearly view him as the #1 Free Agent pitcher in the land. Sign the friggin guy already then.

If its money you're worried about, why the fuck did you pay JD Drew "Damon+" money? Why sign Julio Lugo for what you signed him for. Do you not realize that your pitching SUCKS right now (yes, that's a capital SUCKS)???

This off-season is still very confusing to me.

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mh said...

i bet you the deal is already done, but they are going to wait until 11:59 on the deadline date to announce it so they can come out looking like heroes. god i hate this overly p.r.-conscious ownership group.