Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bill Belichick loves Charley Casserly

You can just feel the venom with this piece from Mike Reiss's blog today. If he hates Casserly this much, can you imagine what festering hatred there is for Polian at the Colts?

Priceless stuff.

On another front, Rodney Harrison was upgraded to Questionable this week. I don't think he plays Sunday, but the fact that he's improving is a fantastic turn of events for this team. My gut is that he'll destroy Vince Young in week 17 to tune up for the playoffs.

Who goes on the bench, Hawkins or Sanders? Part of me prefers two safeties who can kind of hit - so I'd prefer Hawkins on the bench, but I think Sanders would get burned about 10 times in that first playoff game, so who knows.

Remember the safety Eugene Wilson the Patriots used to have?


Scott said...

I dont know who Eugene Wilson is anymore.
I say Hawkins stays on the field because he's done a good job going back and forth this season between Free and Strong Safety (he filled in early in the season when Wilson went down and Harrison was still playing).

Sanders has improved a lot since that disaster vs. Indy.

That Guy said...

I'm high on Sanders. Keep the kid and he'll be a suitable replacement for Rodney IMO.