Sunday, December 03, 2006

Red Sox: Do not Trade Manny Ramirez

The hottest (arguably) topic this hot stove season is what the Boston Red Sox will do with Manny Ramirez. It depends on who you believe, but some reports say that Manny is not well-liked by his teammates, however I haven't seen anything public about that. In fact, just the opposite

It blows my mind that this front office is looking at this trade. There is no possible way they will get equal value in return, in fact, my argument is that there is no equal value. He is an automatic .300 to .320, 35 HR, 100 to 120 RBI. And that doesn't even include the protection he provides for David Ortiz.

What this comes down to is another example of the Red Sox organization jettisoning a player that they just don't want around anymore. They didn't want Johnny Damon and his "Idiots" mentality, so they let him go to the Yankees and they replaced him with 1/100 the player Damon is (Coco Crisp). They didn't want to pay Pedro Martinez so they replaced him with 1/00 the player Pedro is (Matt Clement). At some point, Red Sox fans are going to realize that this regime may not be soley concerned on winning.

Sure, firing a malcontent at your own office may make sense, regardless of how good he or she is at his or her job. But your company isn't charging the highest ticket prices in the land for people to watch you do your job. The Red Sox though, are a different story.


Hamburger Socks said...

I am fanatically against trading Manny. Not only is he the best hitter in the game, but he's also semi-retarded. And though Nelson Delarosa's (sp?) hilarity via lack of height can never be replaced, it's good to know that there is a retarded person still on the team.

whatever. I'm missing Heroes for this.

Shoota said...

Wasn't a big factor in why they chose not to resign Pedro was for health issues not just that they wanted to get rid of the "idiot mentality". Sounds like they made the right move. He pitched well for a year, subpar for half a year and now he's out for a year (depending on the medical information available). Much love to my man Nelson.

Anonymous said...

I graduated from Bama in 2002. Did you get out around the same time? Are you a season ticket holder?

Andrew said...

I am neither a Bama grad nor a season ticket holder. Its tough to get down to Tuscaloosa on a Saturday from up in Massachusetts.

I plan on attending a game next year for my 30th birthday.