Thursday, December 28, 2006

College Bowl Season: Free Daily Picks

Terrible, terrible Thursday night for our picks. As things stand now, and I don't see anything changing, we're 0-3 on Thursday night. Part of me expected this, there was no way I was going 11-1, even 10-2 or 9-3 would've been insane. So 8-4 it is, heading into New Years weekend.

No game so far this bowl season has had a point spread matter. Every underdog that has covered has won outright, and every favorite that has won has covered. That doesn't seem like a coincidence as its happened 12 times now. That, to me, is a trend. Don't lose sight of that as we go through the 5 games on the slate for Friday. Here goes.

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl: Clemson (-10) vs Kentucky. O/U 58

Clemson can run the ball, and Kentucky isn't great against the run. James Davis and CJ Spiller are the difference here. Ask yourself, will Kentucky beat Clemson outright? I say no. The pick: Clemson -10 Gun to head: Over

Brut Sun Bowl: Oregon State (-3.5) vs Missouri O/U 52
Missouri has a flu going around and 25% of the team missed practice this week. That, and the fact that they started 6-0 by playing nobody then sucked when they played a weak Big 12 schedule. Oregon State -3.5 is the play here. Gun to head: Under

AutoZone Liberty Bowl: South Carolina (-5.5) vs Houston O/U 56
I know very little about Houston. I know Steve Spurrier has had a ton of time to pick apart their defense though. SC was something like 10 pts away from an SEC title game appearance. Go with the 'ol Ball Coach in this one.

South Carolina -5.5. Gun to head: Under

Insight Bowl: Texas Tech (-6.5) vs Minnesota O/U 65.5
Minnesota can't stop the pass and Texas Tech throws nonstop.

Texas Tech -6.5. Gun to head: Over

Champs Sports Bowl: Maryland vs Purdue (-1) O/U 52.5

Underdog could easily beat the favorite. Maryland is the pick here (+1). The trend of the spread being meaningless continues. Gun to head: Under

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