Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jagodzinski to BC

As reported here last weekend, sources are now saying that Boston College is going to hire Packers Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski as Head Coach next year.

I don't doubt that Jagodzinski is a good coach, and probably a very good offensive mind, but I don't know if he has any name recognition at all. With the success that former 1AA coach Jim Tressel is having at Ohio State, I wonder if the price was too high for Mark Whipple, or perhaps Whipple knows something about the status of Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh that isn't quite "out" yet.

Its no secret how I felt about Tom O'Brien at the Heights. I hope the "Fire TOB" crew realizes now what they may be missing. I can't imagine that hard-core BC fans (if there is such a thing) are 100% happy with this signing. How could they be??? They know nothing about the guy.


Anonymous said...

We didn't know much about Tom Coughlin either and that turned out ok.

That Guy said...

No doubt about it, but if you were to talk to BC fans before this hire, you had the name of Whipple, Cutcliff from Tennessee, Grobe from Wake, Johnson from Navy as potential candidates.

And they wind up with Jaggy.