Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fox Sports Will Ruin the BCS

Its bad enough that I had to sit through the Patriots - Lions game on Sunday listening to the musings of Matt Vasgersian and JC Pearson (By the way PLEASE look at the stats and player history of Pearson. What the fuck has he been doing for the last THIRTEEN YEARS that would keep him up to speed on the NFL), but on that same day, the reality of Fox carrying the BCS also hits home as well.

How bad will this coverage be, you ask? Well did you watch the BCS selection show? God, god awful. The anchor is Chris Rose, oh wait I'm sorry "the versatile Chris Rose." So he's versatile. HE CALLS POKER GAMES. Are you shitting me? I mean who needs Corso and Fowler when you have a 2nd rate poker play by play guy manning the anchor desk?

Howie Long and Terry Bradshaw are doing games, and I don't particularly hate these guys. But they're really the only big names that Fox employees, so naturally they're doing every game, right? Right?

Not so fast my friend. Look at this dream team of analysts:

Thom Brennaman
Barry Alvarez
Charles Davis
Chris Myers
Kenny Albert
Jeanne Zelasko
Matt Vasgersian (AGAIN - WTF)
Terry Donahue
Pat Haden
Laura Okmin

Who the hell are these people? If Okmin is who I think she is, she's the old troll that did the sideline reporting for the Pats game this past Sunday. When was it ok to be a 40 year old ugly broad on the sidelines?

Instead of us getting to hear Brent Musberger, Craig James, Herbstreidt, or anybody who may be up to speed on today's college games, college teams, etc. we get these band of retreads.

So let me get this straight, the BCS ruins New Years Day and the 10 game food/beer/gambling fest it once was by insisting on not playing the major bowl games against each other. Now it awards Fox the telecast. Last time I checked, Fox has no interest nor experience in collegiate athletics. This is going to be a disaster with a capital D. Trust me.

Here's hoping you can find a good radio broadcast somewhere in your neck of the woods during these games, because mark my words....these telecasts will be alarmingly McCarverish for this 1 week period.


Shoota said...

Any truth to the rumor Beasley Reece and Jerry Glanville are doing the games?

Anonymous said...

At least with Fox doing the broadcasts, instead of a replay or a different angle of a key play that just happened on the field we'll get to see ultra-tight close ups of Charlie Weis, Lloyd Carr, or some drunk fat guy in the stands. I mean who wants to see if a receiver stepped out of bounds or not on a 4th quarter TD to tie the game when fox can let us know if Mike Stoops missed a spot shaving earlier that morning?

Anonymous said...

But how can argue with what FOX has done with NASCAR!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Jon Meterperel should be announcing the games on Fox

Andrew said...

I really can't emphasize enough how much this infuriates me. I mean the baseball playoffs suck big donkey balls on Fox, and now my favorite time of year is run by them.

hey at least we'll have the robots.

Anonymous said...

Will scooter be making an appearance?