Monday, December 04, 2006

Notre Dame and the BCS

On the other end of the spectrum is Notre Dame.

The BCS is obviously enamored with all things related to the "Golden Domers." For my money, there couldn't be a more overrated program in the nation. LSU is going to absolutely stomp on them in the Sugar Bowl. STOMP.

After Georgia Tech loses its bowl game, Notre Dame will finish this year without any wins against a top 25 team. For the second straight season. On paper, a 10-2 record looks impressive, until you look at the last 8 weeks for the Irish: Navy, Army, Air Force, UCLA, Stanford, Purdue, Michigan State, and a drubbing by USC.

Has Notre Dame done anything impressive this year?


scott said...

Take LSU and the points. As long as the spread is under 20. This is going to be a disaster for ND.

hamburger socks said...

ND is far better than you think. They have a quarterback who is tutored by the best offensive mind in the game, an outstanding college receiver in Jeff Smardzhzhzhzjjjeia, an overlooked kicking game, and a wildly mediocre defense (oops, I forgot I was defending the Chosen University).

Anyway, have fun losing money on LSU, I'm taking Weis and the boys.

Andrew said...

Hamburger you're out of your mind. Did you just reference the kicking game? ND hasn't had a big kick in years - you don't have a big kick when you beat up on service academies all year long.

scott said...

Hamburger...ND has a talented offense. They're defense is highly suspect and LSU will be playing in front of at least 85% partisan crowd.

Anonymous said...

I don't want facts to get in the way of your opinion on ND, BUT below is their final strength of schedule national rank after each of the seasons this decade according to the USA Today:

2006 (thusfar): #20
2005: #14
2004: #5
2003: #1
2002: #14
2001: #14
2000: #36

I'm not saying that ND had great teams over this period of time, I'm just pointing out that despite what your opinion is, Notre Dame has played a fairly strong schedule since 2000. It's not like they are playing the Bates Bobcats every other Saturday.

Also, please keep in mind that the Irish do not play all the service academies each year. Prior to this season, they hadn't played Army since the 90s and haven't played Air Force in 4 years. They play Air Force again next year and then they don't have them scheduled till at least 2013. The only academy that remains on their schedule going forward is Navy, who is traditionally not a powerhouse, but again, they are not the Bates Bobcats.

Andrew said...

Get a load of this "bigfin"'re right, Army comes off their schedule next year, and aren't they adding the likes of San Diego State at some point?

thats awful.