Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ron Borges is a Hypocrite (Again)

For those readers who are not familiar with the Boston Globe writer Ron Borges, he has a personal vendetta and dislike for all things New England Patriots. The reason's why aren't completely clear, but it has to do with Bill Belichick's dealings with Borges personally, with close friend of Ron Borges' Drew Bledsoe, and just a general dislike between the two.

Borges consistently rips on Belichick, enjoys when the Patriots fail to win a Super Bowl, and many think he gets legitimately angry when something that Belichick and the Patriots do something that works out well.

You may remember during the week leading up to the AFC title game that Borges wrote one thing in the Boston newspaper and another on Well, here's round 2 of the Borges hypocrisy game.

From today's Boston Globe:

Long before the free agency period began, strong side linebacker Adalius Thomas
was designated the year's premier catch by many pundits and personnel men.
Perhaps he will prove to be just that, but if history is any predictor, he
should be approached with caution.

Oh those national pundits! Always quick to point to the hot free agent or available player that will be sure to disappoint.

Wait, isn't Ron Borges himself one of those said national pundits? I mean, he does write for MSNBC. Didn't he write this article? And I quote:

There will also be good value available this year, even at what will be the top
of the pay scale. Which players seem most likely to deliver value for their
services? Barring injury, here's one list of likely candidates.
values1. Adalius Thomas, LB: He wants a $18 million signing bonus and will
probably get it, likely from the 49ers. Wherever he goes, the 270-pound Thomas
appears headed toward making an impact.

Apparently until the New England Patriots make that move. Then its a bad one.

At least Borges is consistent. At what point does he become nothing more than a sports writing side-show....a good comedic shtick every now and then?

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