Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Break from the Madness

This is like the calm before the storm for college hoop fans everywhere. Last night, my wife got to control the remote.....because she certainly isn't going to control it from 12:25 tomorrow until Sunday late afternoon.

Wednesday was a great sports day though, I'll tell you that much. Where do we start?

Somebody needs to coach-up Alex Rodriguez. Lets see here....if I'm the highest paid athlete in a certain sport who hasn't won anything in my life, and I'm already not very well liked by most fans, and its getting worse because I said I may opt out of my already insanely high deal in order to leave the biggest sports market in the country, on my list of "what NOT to do," I think should be this.

"It's a do or die situation," he said on WFAN-AM's "Mike and the Mad Dog" show.
"Either New York is going to kick me out of New York this year, say 'I've had
enough of this guy, get him the hell out of here,' and we have an option. Or New
York is going to say, 'Hey, we won a world championship, you had a big year, you
were a part of it and we want you back.'"

Seriously A-Rod? You're "leaving it up to the fans????" New York fans seem like the type who are pretty good at rising to the challenge. So I say: CALL HIS BLUFF....for the headlines alone.

A-Rod saying that is like an old SNL Bad Idea Jeans comercial.

"This is a big bump I have to overcome. I'm going to deal with it like a champ.
I've got to make sure people know I don't hate gay people."
-- Tim Hardaway

Ok Tim.

The Big Lead has their own cultural NCAA tournament. I think a bigger snub than Syracuse this year is the fact that PacMan Jones Making it Rain got snubbed in this one.

Friend of thatguysports, Manzo over at barstoolsports identifies a critical aspect to the NCAA Tournament. Where is Gus Johnson announcing?

Someone wake me up when people no longer care about Pete Rose, or when Pete Rose doesn't have to leak a story to the media or agree to do an interview in order to make himself relevant again. For the record, I always pick my high school team in the Thanksgiving Day Massachusetts High School Football pool that we do every year. I see nothing wrong with that.

I finally read Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback today. I'll leave you with this:

a. Craig Biggio has some Tom Brady in him. Same kind of superstar -- accessible,
team-first, thoughtful.

Wow...too easy.


Anonymous said...

With A-Rod, his insecurities are so blatantly obvious, it's laughable. He just can't keep to himself and play.

Peter King is like Gammons, Mortensen, Clayton: reporters who have sources and collect information, spew it out and think they know the game. They are information collectors, that is all..........


Biggio isn't even the biggest star on his own team.

Anonymous said...

This post should have been called a break froom the boringness.