Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Chicago Bears Fear the Superbowl

That can really be the only explanation I can come up with. They let Ron Rivera go, a guy who many felt was next in line for a great head coaching job. They trade Thomas Jones so they could go with more of a 1 running back system when everybody else is going towards a dual running back system (and winning with it).

They piss off Lance Briggs to the point that it wouldn't surprise anybody if he really didn't play next season.

And now they trade for Adam Archuleta. The same Archuleta who found himself on the bench after signing a lucrative free agent contract.

I know that they didn't trade much for him, but is he even any good anymore? I feel like Archuleta peaked in his 2nd year.

They say they want Archuleta to play closer to the ball, but doesn't Mike Brown do that for the Bears? Archuleta failed alongside another solid Safety in Sean Taylor this year, why would he do any better next year?

Thank God I'm not a Bears fan.


Anonymous said...

archuleta, box safety for 6th rounder ain't bad...mike brown is probably declining...sean taylor undisciplined

Zballs said...

maybe someone has a thing for archuleta's wife.