Wednesday, March 07, 2007


What does it say when the entry about how boring your blog is actually gets way more comments on it than anything you've ever written.

But at least there are 18 comments. That's worth something isn't it?

Anyway, there are actually people reading this blog...that's nuts.

Did I mention that Deadspin linked me last week? That was a huge highlight.

Anyways, I'm playing my own game with these comments - and I want some people to own up to this stuff too. I'm playing "Guess the Comment." That's right....I'm going to guess who said what.

In reality, this is just an excuse for me to start mentioning my buddies nicknames like Simmons does.

Anywho, here goes:

tailgater said...
freed... I think you should copy some interesting blog from another part of the country and pass it off as your own.
10:11 PM

That one was easy. "My buddy Kuppens."

Anonymous said...
when in doubt gratuitous skin photos usually can help. Of course this is a sports blog, so cheerleader shots may help in this down time
11:15 PM

I'm going with one of the barstool posters. My guess: Brian.

Anonymous said...
Raise songs to Bowdoin, praise her fame, And sound abroad her glorious name; To Bowdoin, Bowdoin lift your song, And may the music echo long O'er whispering pines and campus fair With sturdy might filling the air. Bowdoin, from birth, our nurturer and friend To thee we pledge our love again, again.
8:02 AM

This could be bigfin b/c he's a Bowdoin guy but its one of his buddies. T. Ryan?

Anonymous said...
It's March Madness so let's get some college hoops talk going. Cuse is in the house!!
8:04 AM

Kwall. that was easy.

Anonymous said...
A little more caustic opinion about sports personalities and criticism of the ridiculous actions that some of them do!
8:12 AM

Our wonderful on-staff Underwriter. Identity hidden for risk of losing job.

Anonymous said...
Hail, Colby, Hail! Thy people far and near Stand at thy call, our alma mater dear. Thy shaded paths recall our steps to gather at thy shrine. Thy memoried halls reclaim our hearts 'til all our thoughts are thine. Hail, Colby, Hail! Hail, Colby, Hail! To thee we lift our hearts and homage pay! Our Alma Mater, Hail the Blue and Gray!
9:11 AM

This one is tough. I had no idea a Colby guy read this. I'm going with a random reader I don't know (thanks for reading though, seriously...just wait for football season when we all participate in the NESCAC pick pool).

bigfin said...
more skin.
9:28 AM
bigfin said...
For the record, I think your blog is just at boring as when you started it.
9:34 AM

This is bigfin. The nickname has to do with finishing blocks and pancaking people. He got the nickname in High School. He's now 30. I'm not joking.

ZBalls said...
First, do NOT post the Bates fight song no matter how many homos post their own. Make sure to point out to the Colby guy that between 1997 and 2000, Bates only had a winning record against one team and that was Colby.My favorite stuff it the gambling picks. I also enjoy any reaction to good games that you watched. I'm not a big fan of the ripping on writers. There's already enough of that on other websites and sports radio. I'll try to think of more stuff.
9:34 AM

"My buddy z-balls"

Anonymous said...
Bates has the worst athletic program in the nation.
11:12 AM

The Colby reader.

Scott said...
you need to pick a fight with someone semi-important in the blogging industry and then post tirades about him and copy his responses to you and put them on your blog and start a good ol' fashioned fight
1:02 PM

This kid is Scal. Huge degenerate gambler but wins. Has nightmares over what the gov't did to online gambling.

Anonymous said...
You just need to talk about ND football and how how much you love it.
2:47 PM

Some IDIOT ND fan.

Anonymous said...
I am entertained by your wisdom. But pictures of naked ladys would go along way in building up your fan base.
3:43 PM

This is nuts, no idea who this is.

dave k said...
COllege basketball and arena football should last until baseball gets really interesting. The hell with people that say its boring, its your blog. have some fun with it. Besides you have the chance to literally monopolize teh arena football market... Those 9 people will jump to 15 before you know it...
5:58 PM

Thanks for reading dave k. You may have something here.

Anonymous said...
What about some Big 10 banter?
6:11 PM

This dude's from Minnesota I think.

Anonymous said...
colby and bowdoin fight songs are awfully homo-ish, how about ripping on the 'eei hosts who are more interested in talking about their daily lives than actual intellectual sports banter.
6:36 PM

No idea. You can't get sports banter at EEI. Its just a sitcom at this point.

Anonymous said...
the patriots are not winning another one, it's march.
6:36 PM

That one was Bazzer. I'll bet almost anything.

Anonymous said...
You know what's boring...the people who comment on your blog.
7:28 PM

I'd like to say this one is my father but I just don't know.

How'd I do (Please comment).


Anonymous said...

I'm 90% sure that anybody who went to a nescac school has had some kind of ghey experience in their life.

bigfin said...

For the record, I didn't get the nickname in high school, it has nothing to do with "finishing blocks and pancaking" people, and I don't turn 30 until next week Mr. Mom.

Speaking of blocking and pancaking, I'm pretty sure Kuppens played D-Line at Bates during the 3 year run I referenced earlier.

That Guy said...

I don't buy that for a second.

And yes, you owned Kuppens.

But the sacred code is: "Don't bust balls about football."

Anonymous said...

a fellow HS coach referenced the cheerleader photos- to clarify it should be college or nfl cheerleaders

Dad said...

Its Dad...but you got the wrong anonymous!

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