Wednesday, March 07, 2007

News and Notes

Some NFL Signings from the last couple days:

Joe Horn to the Falcons. He'll be a great weapon for Matt Schaub next year. Vick doesn't last week 4. They also signed a DB, Lewis Sanders. I've legitimately never heard of him. He played for Houston and didn't even start. Great signing.

Denver signs "Coveted backup quarterback Patrick Ramsey." I'm not joking. That's how ESPN described him. What is coveted about Patrick Ramsey? That he has a pulse? Is Sage Rosenfels also "coveted" if he becomes a free agent tomorrow?

Backup QB's are like NFL Coaches. Why have a retread behind your starter? Just get a young guy who has a good arm and works hard and mold him into what you want him to be. It worked out well for the Patriots with Brady didn't it?

Farewell to Daniel Graham. I hate the Broncos. Now I have to hate Graham. NFL = Not For Long.

Some early winners and losers from CBS Sportsline. They should have the Patriots first.

Here's a roundup of other moves...including one of my all-avoid team, Patrick Kearney.

Random Thoughts
  • ESPN's lead article right now is called "Pacmans Choice." I'm going to go out on a limb and say he chooses the "wrong one."

  • Can somebody explain to me how the Big-Televen even threatens the Final 4?

  • Why guys could never be good house-wives: I was home all afternoon because we had babysitter issues and instead of the many things I was supposed to do today, I realized when I got home that its March 7th and the Big East tournament was on. Tremendous turn of events.

  • Isn't it about time Kobe Bryant stopped slapping people? Who does that? He slaps. Jason Kidd didn't even slap when he knocked the $hit out of his wife. Kobe is the A-Rod of the NBA.

  • Can somebody tell Sports Illustrated that I don't need them to comment on social issues? I'd prefer reading about sports. I don't need Peter King to talk about movies, and I certainly don't need SI to have an article about the affect on sports that Global Warming has. Oh 90 years 4 stadiums in California may be swamped. If those stadiums are still being used in 90 years, anybody going to them should kill themselves.

  • Obviously the brackets need to be determined, but right now: Kansas, Texas A&M, Florida, and UCLA are my final 4.


Check out The Big Lead's college hoop awards.

New barstoolsports edition came out today. The cover model is just KIND OF hot. No girls like that at Notre Dame, that's for sure.


Mike said...

stinks when barstoolsports is down that i gotta come to this site.

Anonymous said...

That Guy Sports should have a messagebored.

Anonymous said...

You could keep out the losers like BA5, PN, DB, TW, etc. and just invite the good posters like Spuddy, Guyman, and 5Tooler.

Zballs said...

Re: the Barstool cover model. Is it now commonplace that college girls have implants??? I'm only 7 years out of school. Please tell me that isn't true.

That Guy said...

Z-balls they only have implants if they're already insanely hot and aspire to be a stay at home mom.

We had tons of those chicks at Bates, remember?

I will now light myself on fire.

Anonymous said...

Maybe no ND grads look like that, but you should check out some of those IU ones..

That Guy said...

anonymous, I heard all IU females look like guys.