Monday, March 05, 2007

Peter King: Again, Please Stop

I hate when writers won't let something go (except for me of course).

Peter King again today:

f. I can hear it now: How can you praise Saving Private Ryan, with as gruesome a
first half-hour as you could ever see in a movie, and rip The Departed for being
too violent? Interesting question. My answer's simple. Ryan is a war movie, and
you know going in that if D-Day is going to be realistically portrayed there's
going to be some killing. But it was not gratuitous violence, which I felt
riddled The Departed.

ITS A MOVIE ABOUT ORGANIZED CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!! Last time I checked, organized crime was brutal.

Peter stick to football. I urge you.

Oh and my readers should go see Zodiac. Great movie.

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