Tuesday, March 20, 2007

CBS is Idiotic

I first heard about this on barstoolsports and I had to see for myself. There's no way that it was true, and there's no way that CBS consciously decided to do this. But in reality, there is and they did.

Gus Johnson isn't announcing any basketball games this weekend.

Here's who is.

What's the over-under on how many times Jay Bilas has to correct a drooling Dick Enberg on a player's name? I have 7 in the early game and 17 in the night-cap. Enberg has to be a 5 pm dinner, 7:30 pm sleep guy.

I have him calling Southern Illinois "the Illini" by the 2nd TV timeout. I have him calling Brandon Rush Brendan Roy by the 2nd half, and there's a good chance Jay Bilas kills himself in between games.

Its amazing to me how stupid television networks are.

I realize there's no way to rid ourselves of Billy Packer the miserable grandparent, but I was really hoping the senile one (Enberg) would be put to pasture.



Scott said...

it's amazing how few good announcers there are. 90% of them annoy the F out of me

Anonymous said...

I agree, gus is ok but he has a little musberger in him as far as being a little too dramatic with his voice. enberg needs to stick to tennis, where the action is a slower.