Thursday, March 22, 2007

OSU or OCD ?

Check out this article about Thad Matta.

Before every game, he has to have a piece of Juicy Fruit or Orbit — “I don’t
know which one he chews currently,” associate head coach John Groce said —
presented to him by a team manager. Matta has to unwrap it himself, then wad up
the wrapper, then shoot it into the trash can behind the bench.
Every game.
Without fail. Lest the Earth split open and swallow him on the spot.
Or maybe
it’s the tie choice that has kept the Buckeyes rolling. Before each game,
Matta’s daughters, 8-year-old Ali and 6-year-old Emily, have to pick out dad’s
“Sometimes it might not match,” Groce said. “But if it doesn’t,
that’s OK.”
At this point, Matta would wear a maize-and-blue tie if his
daughters selected it. There is no going against the established ritual.
is the most superstitious person I’ve ever met,” said Xavier coach and longtime
friend Sean Miller. “It’s really bizarre.”

I'm reading this to my wife so she doesn't think the fact that I need to check the locks on the door of my house 3 times before I come to bed isn't so weird.

There's more stuff in the article, or just read where I got the story from - Here.

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Anonymous said...

Settle down Thad, you left a school for a "better" program and if you had taught your assistant about game mgmt (ie, fouling the ball up 3 late in the game), you would be home right now.