Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What did I miss?

Sorry fans, thatguysports went on a brief hiatus. I think I blacked out for a full week.

What did I miss?

I think the Final Four was meant to end. Can somebody let me know what powerhouse from the Big-10 won? I'm sure the top conference in the land must have had a winner in some sport this year.

What's going on with the NBA? The Celtics obviously keep losing right? I mean there's no way they'd string together a .500 record to make sure they don't sniff Greg Oden in any manner, right?

The Bears traded Lance Briggs by now I'm sure. The last I heard, the Redskins were ready to mortgage their draft and trade them the 6th pick in a loaded draft. I'm sure they took that deal. No way they'd hold on to a guy who legitimately doesn't want to play for them. Especially with that sweet of a trade offer on the table.

Anything else I miss??


Anonymous said...

Sox opened the 2007 season on a big note. No bats, Poor base running, and starting pitching sucked. So I see them only winning 142 games this year.

Scott said...

Any thoughts on a 10 strikeout debut by a certain unmaned Japanese pitcher? How about a blog on how Manny does this bow/karate chop thing?

Refuse to Lose said...

Is it September yet? Wake me up when the Pats open up

bigfin said...

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