Sunday, April 22, 2007

NFL Draft Spectacular: Defensive Lineman

The heart and sole of any championship football team is its defense. Except for this year's championship team who won solely because the NFL officials deemed it so. But I digress. Here's a look at the Defensive Lineman and how we at thatguysports have them ranked. By the way, DE is LOADED this year. DT, not so much.

Defensive End

Gaines Adams, Clemson.
Stereotypical 4-3 DE. A monster against the pass who's only knock is that he seemed to be bored at times. Will make an impact immediately (In so far as a DE can when he winds up on a bad team like Adams probably will).

Adam Carriker, Nebraska.
Versatile player, a lot like Richard Seymour of the Patriots. Tall for a DE but with bulk on top of it. Could be a DT as well if called on.

Jarvis Moss, Florida.
For my money, Moss will be the best player in this position of this draft. He's not a classic tweener b/c of his 6'6'' height but would it surprise anybody if he wound up playing the role that a Willie McGinnist or Adalius Thomas fell into?

Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas.
Here's what bothers me about Anderson: I don't really remember him. Jarvis Moss, remembered. Gaines Adams, remembered, but Anderson - not remembered. Maybe that's just my inability to remember things, but I just don't. Thus, he's in the 4th spot.

Anthony Spencer, Purdue.
Classic tweener. Will provide TREMENDOUS value in the late 1st into the 2nd round.

LaMarr Woodley, Michigan.
Another tweener guy. Most Michigan defensive players worry me because of the lack of speed in the Big-10 (see: State, Ohio getting destroyed in the national title game when they finally played some speed). He's "long" not in that way, but in the football way, and he has a "motor."

DE Sleeper

Brian Robison, Texas.

DE Bust

Tim Crowder, Texas.

Defensive Tackle

DT in my opinion is really a 2 man race.

Amobe Okoye, Louisville.
If this is the first time you've heard of him, ESPN is channel 849 on HD in the Boston marketplace, and I suggest you check it out. They do shows about sports. He's a great story, and some have commented that he's almost the Greg Oden of this NFL Draft.

Justin Harrell, Tennessee.
Coming off an injury, Harrell isn't where he could have been if he played all year. That said, I think he'll be a good pick for a team who may not need him to bring his A game immediately.

DT Bust:
Alan Branch, Michigan.
I think he flat out sucks. Classic guy w/ the tools who can't compete on the field.

Walter Thomas, NW Mississippi Juco
Coach him up and watch a guy who apparently has talent grow and watch him sprout to stardom.


Anonymous said...

Is Okoye mature enough to handle the NFL? I question whether or not he will be able to compete at the NFL level with what little experience he has. At 19 he may have the size but could it be possible with his early graduattion he has not had the time develop the talents needed to survive in the NFL.

mh said...


you might want to remove the Boston Red Sox from your "About Me" section of this blog. I don't know if you have heard, but the MLB season has started.

Anonymous said...

okoye will be fine, 29 reps on the bench for a 19 year old is pretty good. he really should be a reshirt or true frosh in college right now.