Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NFL Draft Spectacular: "My guys"

Every sports fan has "his guys." You just have to. Todd Walker for the Red Sox, "my guy." Trot Nixon, NOT "my guy." Eugene Wilson after the Philly Superbowl, "my guy." You get the picture.

Well, here are my guys for the upcoming NFL draft.

John Beck, QB, BYU.
I love everything about this guy. Prepared, can make just about any throw, and he was a GREAT factor in BYU games going over quite often this past season. He's just a solid QB who has Tom Brady written all over him.

Brian Leonard, FB/RB, Rutgers.
Anybody who brings up images of Mike Alstott clearly has to be one of your guys. How can he not be?

LeRon McClain, FB, Alabama.
You knew you weren't going to see this list end without a Tide player on here did you? Well McClain will be the next great lead blocker. He is a stereotype fullback. Block, run for 1 yard, and catch the ball out of the backfield. He can do it all. Punishing is an adjective to describe McClain.

Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina.
Pro-bowl receiver for a long time to come. Good hands and great play making ability.

Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Ohio State.
See above. Great route runner, tremendous hands, and always plays big in big games. I'd take him over Ted Ginn in a heartbeat.

Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan.
I had him and Joe Thomas on this list until I heard that Joe Thomas is fishing w/ his dad instead of going to the draft but is still letting a camera on the boat. Lame. Staley is legit though. He is down in Daytona w/ his cousin drinking right now. He said so last week on the NFL Sirius channel.

Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska.

Brian Robison, DE, Texas.

Zak DeOssie, ILB, Brown.
Trust me, the next solid Ivy League Linebacker.

Zach Latimer, ILB, Oklahoma.


John Beason, OLB, The U.
Skeet skeet!

Ramzee Robinson, CB, Alabama.
Roll Tide.

Michael Griffin, S, Texas.
Will be able to play Strong, Free, and even Nickel. Plus special teams.

So there you have it. "My guys." Who are yours?

Coming tomorrow.....Mock it up baby!!!.....


CR said...

who was the last "solid Ivy League Linebacker"?

Anonymous said...

isiah kaczyenski from harvard?

That Guy said...

Yes, him.

bigfin said...

For someone that hasn't watched a single second of John Beck in the film room, you should hold off the comparisons to the three time Superbowl champion. It makes you sound silly.

LaRon Landry should be on your list...he's the stud of the draft.

Anonymous said...

My guys:
-Patrick Willis
-Tanard Jackson (yes it's kwall)- but will have to play safety or cover the slot receiver
-Eric Weddle- the last guy to contain Charles Johnson
-Michael Bush
-Jon Abbate- he was everywhere for Wake last year
-Steve Smith- always made plays at USC- classic #3 receiver and someone you don't want to see the Colts get in rd 2

Anonymous said...

My guys:

Patrick Willis
Laron Landry
Zak DeOssie
Jamie Marten

Alex F. said...

I really like LB Anthony Waters from Clemson. He's 1st-2nd round talent, but will likely slip into the 4th or so because of an injury. I'm hoping the Eagles can move down into the early-mid 4th (we don't have a 4th round pick of our own) and take him, and even if we can't I don't mind reaching for him in the 3rd.

I also like Fred Bennett, the CB from South Carolina. That's a program that's known for putting DBs into the NFL, and while I think Bennett is a bit raw he can really shine if put into the right situation (ie the Eagles, where he can play nickel and dime packages and learn behind two of the best corners in the game).

Anonymous said...

Roll... Tide!

Anonymous said...

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