Wednesday, April 18, 2007

NFL Draft Spectacular: Tight Ends

This position is easy for me to sum up.

There are three top prospects in my view and there are 3 categories for them all.

My rankings:
1) Zach Miller, Arizona State
2) Greg Olson, Miami (Fl)
3) Ben Patrick, Delaware

Patrick is a sleeper, and the bust (in my opinion THE bust for the entire draft) is Greg Olson of Miami.

He went from game-breaker to afterthought when he wasn't surrounded with superstars. Needing decent role players around you is one thing, but Olson only thrived when he had superstars around him. No thanks.

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Anonymous said...

weak class that guy...patrick is getting pumped b/c of it...olson is the only playmaker, just a poor blocker.