Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NFL Draft Spectacular: That Guy Sports Mock Draft

Here we go ladies and gentlemen, the 2007 That Guy Sports mock draft. Now, we're not shooting for 100% accuracy for teams and spots, if we get a team right but the spot wrong, we're calling that a win. Team wrong, but spot right, another win.

Onto the draft.

1. Oakland Raiders, Jamarcus Russell
2. Tampa Bay (via trade), Calvin Johnson
3. Cleveland, Brady Quinn
4. Detroit, Gaines Adams
5. Arizona, Joe Thomas
6. Washington, LaRon Landry
7. Minnesota, Adrian Peterson
8. Atlanta, Amobi Okoye
9. Miami, Levi Brown.
10. Houston, Darrelle Revis
11. San Fran, Adam Carriker
12. Buffalo, Patrick Willis
13. St Louis, Jamaal Anderson
14. Carolina, Greg Olson
15. Pittsburgh, Lawrence Timmons
16. Green Bay, Marshawn Lynch
17. Jacksonville, Jarvis Moss
18. Cincinnati, Leon Hall
19. Tennessee, Ted Ginn, Jr
20. Giants, Joe Staley
21. Denver, Alan Branch
22. Dallas, Robert Meachem
23. Kansas City, Dwayne Bowe
24. New England, John Beason
25. Jets, Aaron Ross
26. Philadelphia, Reggie Nelson
27. New Orleans, Justin Harrell
28. New England, Michael Griffin
29. Baltimore, Ryan Kalil
30. San Diego, Steve Smith
31. Chicago, Dwayne Jarrett
32. Indianapolis, Tony Gonzalez

Things that wouldn't surprise us. Adrian Peterson to Browns, Miami trading up for Brady Quinn.
Rams go Leon Hall.
Patriots at 28 go Lorenzo Booker.
Adrian Peterson to Houston.

that's all we have. there's no doubt I forgot about someody good. So hit me with it.



Why does everybody think that Russell will be the first pick? Hasn't the non-success of Michael Vick taught teams to stay away from option guys?

Unless the Raiders are stupid (which I don't doubt), why would they not draft a quarterback who was trained by Charlie Weis?

Zballs said...

1. Option guys?? No idea what this guy means.

2. Freed, you should put together your top 32 like Mel Kiper does so I can see who your best player available is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, JaMarcus Russell is like Tommie Frazier, what they heck is that about???????

And who is Tony Gonzalez that guy??????

Anonymous said...

Where's Ben Grubbs?

bigfin said...

Is it possible to have a mock draft that is all "chalk"? If so, That Guy definately takes the prize.

If the Raiders are looking for option guys, I'm pretty sure that Scott Frost and/or Eric Crouch are available.


Russell had 52 carries. Not as many as Vick, but still seems like quite a few. Why isn't he staying in the pocket? Did his team go to the Sugar Bowl with a bad o-line?

Scott said...

VT - in college football, sacks count as rushes on the QB stats.

Alex F. said...

"Tony Gonzalez" is probably Anthony Gonzalez from OSU. I doubt it's fellow WR Tony Gonzalez from BC (who should land somewhere as a UDFA).


Do they? Shows what I know about college football. Another reason to consider CF a pseudosport.

That Guy said...

Anthony Gonzalez is from Ohio State.

Sorry...he and I are boys and we're on a "Tony" and "Drew" relationship.

cr said...

where is the draft day blog?

That Guy said...

I'll leave that to the boys at Barstoolsports.

I'm hanging out watching my mock draft do better than anybody else's in the nation.

Anonymous said...

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