Wednesday, April 18, 2007

NFL Draft Spectacular: Wide Receivers

Wide Receiver is absolutely LOADED this year in my opinion. No fewer than 5 guys could be legit superstars in the NFL. Here's how we rank the candidates.

1) Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech

If you don't know a single thing about this guy then you need help. Not because you should know who he is, but more because it appears that you're getting all of your sports information from this website. And if that's the case, you need help.

Johnson is the total package with size, speed, hands, and intelligence. He should be the first player taken on the 28th.

2) Sidney Rice, South Carolina

I know most reports show Ted Ginn or Dwayne Bowe in this spot but I put a lot of weight behind a complicated Steve Spurrier offense. Rice will be passed on by a lot of teams and they'll soon regret it.

3) Dwayne Bowe, LSU

Size, hands, strength. Best competition possible. Bowe has it all and legitimately had eye surgery that improved his vision and pass catching. Maybe Reche Caldwell can get help after all.

4) Ted Ginn, Jr., Ohio State

Ginn's injury is the only reason he isn't ranked higher. That and in my opinion he wasn't asked to run complicated routes in the Ohio State system. If he can run his 4.3 range after his injured foot heals then he's the #2 guy available. But I have my doubts. One setback this off season and he's behind the 8-ball to learn an offensive system.

5) Steve Smith, USC

Produced at a high level all through college on a top team. Ran a great 40 time and just makes plays. You can't put enough of an emphasis on a guy like that.

6) Robert Meachem, UT

See: Smith, Steve. Its just too bad he played for a piece of crap like Phil Fullmer (roll tide).

7) Dwayne Jarrett, USC

His 40 time scares me. There are TE's that run faster than him.

Bust potential:

Jarrett, Ginn if he becomes injury prone.


Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio State
Fundamental stud at WR. Great hands, runs great routes, and plays with some speed and spunk. Yeah I said spunk. Love Gonzalez.

David Ball, UNH
Break any record of Jerry Rice and you're a sleeper in my book.


Anonymous said...

I have forgotten more about football that you will ever know.


Anonymous said...

Sidney Rice will be a bust....half of his td's came against poor competition...sleepers are Jacoby Jones from Lane and I like David Ball....

That Guy said...

I didn't want to say Jacoby Jones b/c McShay said it on barstoolsports yesterday. I'd lose what little credibility I had left if I said him.

Anonymous said...

ryne robinson from miami ohio too.......................


I'd love to see David Ball (a native Vermonter) succeed in the NFL.